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Advanced mixing technology

Mixer installed at Banff WWTP with HPCDI impeller

Mixer agitator Engineered for Best Performance

Advanced Mixing technology with HPCDI impeller of our mixer

Mixer agitator impeller

Advanced mixer impeller – HPCDI.






We Changed the Concept of Industrial Mixing

HPCDITM : High Performance Centrifugal Dispersing Impeller (Patent pending).   It creates Tornado-like flow patterns, with unparalleled solids suspension capacity.  HPCDI does not “mix”, instead, it disperses.  It spread particles like Fireworks.  This new mixing concept and mechanism satisfy the most challenging mixing requirements. MORE

Why HPCDI?  It is powerful.  It solves costly poor mixing problems by conventional mixers.  HPCDI means high energy efficient, high production and low Capex, O&M.  MORE

Process Engineers:  HPCDI is the right tool to achieve your process goals.  The engineered impeller configurations creates near-ideal flow patterns for highest process output.  HPCDI can meet your special mixing requirements.  MORE

Production/Operations:  HPCDI was developed for worry-free operation with the least maintenance. MORE

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You can tell the difference between HPCD and others:

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