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Process Advantages

Our HPCD – dispersing rather than stirring, provide powerful tool to process to achieve your process goals.  The centralized flow patter provide 3~4 times mixing efficiency than traditional mixers do.

Process engineers often meet applications requiring specific flow patterns. Most of the time, dispersing is required rather than large loop circulation by traditional mixers.  For eg, crystallization, requires different flow patterns during nucleation and crystal growth stages, and agitation rate is critical to the process success where supersaturation level, seeding, temperature play key roles.  The large flow circulation created by conventional/traditional mixers causes high amount of impurities or low product rate.

As a process engineer, you will need to design a system which is not normal, such as the below, very high reactor. There is no product on the market can achieve such performance.

Or you might need super fast mixing to maximize production or minimize unwanted by-product.

Attention of Chemical Process engineers to achieve complete mixing condition.

How much energy is required for mixing? Less than 5% of conventional technology? A one inch impeller to mixing a 10 inch tank? It only “mix” 10% of the tank volume.
This is for mixing of biomass or algae, or anything else that solids Specific Gravity is close to the liquid. More than 90% energy saving.