About Us

We are:

  • The leader of mixing technology and the inventor of the High Performance Centrifugal Disperser (HPCD) (Patent Pending globally ) – the most advanced mixing technology to solve some unsolvable problems by current products and technologies on the market.

Our Team:

In addition to our production team which includes expertise on mechanical, structural, electrical, instrumentation and control, we have a very strong  engineering team includes expertise on:

  • Processes (chemical, water/wastewater. oil & gas, food, beverage, pulp/paper, mining, etc.); We understand your challenges and your concerns.
  • Hydraulic;  The key of flow patterns to meet your specific process requirements.
  • Computational fluid dynamics (CFD).  A theoretic tool to minimize scale-up risk.

The expertise, professionalism and creativity of our team has earned the confidence of a vast client base including consulting engineers and production operations.