How much energy is wasted in mixing with baffles installed?

How much energy is wasted in mixing with baffles installed?

Traditional mixing products, such as Pitched-blade turbines, propellers and their modifications including hydrofoils (also called high efficiency) impellers, create vortex in circular vessel with little mixing. To improve mixing, baffles are recommended – as standard mixing system design.

Baffles, function as brakes to driving, consume much energy for the system. How much more energy consumed by the baffles? Please look at the two figures from literature. The first one provide the results by Kevin (1) show approximately 100~300% MORE energy are required with installation of baffles for different type of impellers.

The energy consumption results presented by Tatterson (2) indicated about 400~1300% more energy is required for the two-bladed paddle impeller.

This is one of the reasons the Next Generation Mixing Technology should be considered in your facilities.






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