Congratulation us: another patent granted!

I’d like to congratulate ourselves: one of my mixer patents granted.

The invention is the Next Generation mixer of traditional mixing products, such as marine propeller, pitched-blade turbine, hydrofoil (also called high-efficiency) impellers, and their modifications.

Traditional mixers push liquid at one direction: most forwardly (some backwardly) like boat pushing.  They do reduce inhomogeneity and work fine for normal application.

There are numerous challenges in the industries and about 1~10 billion USD losses annually due to improper mixing practices:

  • Poor understanding of mixing theory, mechanism and principle;
  • Wrong mixing system modelling, scale-up, design;
  • Wrong mixer, especially impeller, selection.

The end-users have the painful experience of frequent facilities maintenance as well as low productivity.

The invention was developed to solve some difficult mixing problems and challenges to the industry.  It performs superior on mixing efficiency, energy efficiency, solids suspension, floats drawdown, high viscosity liquid mixing, and non-Newtonian liquid mixing.

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