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The Next Generation Mixing Technology

    • What is the next generation mixing technology?

      Some products on the market are said of next generation. Our understanding is the next generation mixing technology should have key features including:

      • New Concept and Fundamentally different mixing principles.
      • Dispersing rather than “stir” or “move”.  Mixing is currently defined as “reduction of inhomogeneity” so anything causing movement of the media is called “mixer”.  Dispersing is ” to drive or send off in various directions”.  Dispersing is, in fact, many process applications need.
      • Breakthrough technology: provide solutions to challenges of conventional technologies.
      • Solutions to (at least some) mixing problems caused by current mixing technologies
      • Have significant mixing efficiency and energy efficiency improvement
      • Significant beneficial advantages on capital, Operation & Maintenance (O&M), and ENVIRONMENT.



  1. No baffle needed.
  2. Flexible impeller installation positions.
  3. Superior solids suspension capacity
  4. Satisfactory mixing performance
  5. It produces near-ideal flow patterns
  6. It creates the most favorable mixing conditions
  7. It provides solutions to numerous challenges of the industries
  8. It has the most mixing/energy efficiency