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Solids Suspension no Longer a Headache – Revolmix HPCD Mixer Solved Sludge Settlement at Banff WWTP

Solids settlement at Banff WWTP Complete Mixing Tank (CMT), once was 5 feet high along the tank wall.  It causes not only operational problems but also maintenance issues.  The tank concrete wall was severely corroded by the settled sludge.  In fact, the tank has not been put into service since it was built.

After the installation, no solids were observed at the tank bottom. The tank was back to desired service eventually.


Settlement by Poor Mixing

Settlement by Poor Mixing


Corrosion of Settled Sludge to Tank Structure

Tank Corrosion Caused by Settlement


The video below shows the power of our products. The tank was originally equipped with a 5 kW submersible mixer with poor mixing. The tank experienced severe solids settlement problems. The tank needs be cleaned periodically because about 5 ft thick solids settlement in the tank. Another supplier proposed 17 kW to improve the mixing performance.

We proposed a 5 hp HPCD and completely solved the solids settlement problem and the tested power withdraw is 1 kW. The WWTP in fact commissioned our product by filled with high concentration liquid, let the solids completely settle, and our product can RE-SUSPEND all the settled solids, leave clean bottom.

This video shows the flow pattern of our products which is totally different than other products in the market. The tank bottom was swept clean.

This video shows settled solids suspended by our significantly small impeller, installed at top side of the tank. As you have noticed, all of our products do not need baffles to improve the mixing efficient. Baffles, in our eyes, are energy killer to the mixing. This is completely different from current mixing theory and principle.



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